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Machine Supplies

Machine Supplies

We carry foot switches, RCA cords, clip cords, power supplies and various other components in stock. Please call ahead for specific requests.


TATSoul is proud to introduce the ALL NEW TATSoul Gen2 Premium Foot Switch. The Gen2 foot switch retains the same quality and function of the Gen1; but now with the option to adjust foot switch sensitivity according to your personal preference. In addition, the spring mechanism on the Gen2 is an improvement over the Gen1. Heavy duty and built for everyday use. 


360 degree access

6.5 ft

1/4" mono plug

Option to adjust foot switch sensitivity

Same components and build as LineMaster Gem foot switch

Clip Cords & RCA Cords

Lux 90 Degree Plus RCA Cord$25.00

Lux Plus RCA Cord$25.00

TATSoul Heavy Duty Clip Cord$30.00

Bishop Premium Lightweight RCA Cord - 6ft.$25.00

Power Supplys

NASH Power Supply - Nickel$220.00

NASH Power Supply - Gun Metal$220.00

Rage Power Supply (Dial) - Gunmetal$319.00

Rage Power Supply (Touch Screen) - Gunmetal$299.00

Foot Switches

TATSoul Gen 2 Premium Foot Switch - Antique$55.00

TATSoul Gen 2 Premium Foot Switch - Black$50.00

TATSoul Gen 2 Premium Foot Switch - Red$50.00



TATSoul is proud to introduce the Lux Plus RCA Cord, an exceptionally high-quality and reliable RCA connection. These cords reduce wire tangle and are extremely lightweight. The cables are TPE insulated for exceptional durability. 

TPE insulated cable for exceptional durability
Heavy duty
Tangle-resistant wire
Custom-molded end plugs
High-quality copper fill gold-plated RCA tip
Strong RCA connection to the tattoo machine
Not compatible with Critical Atom and Atom X Power Supply

6ft cord
1/4" mono plug



TATSoul is proud to introduce the TATSoul Platform Foot Switch. Built for efficiency and practicality, the TATSoul Platform Foot Switch features contact plates machined from high-quality brass for maximum conductivity and a flat-profile wire connector that packs effortlessly. 


Brass contact plates for maximum conductivity

Easily removable electrical wire connector for easy portability

Anti-slip pad prevents the pedal from slipping or moving during use

Heavy duty input wiring with heat insulated ends - 8 ft length

Available in 4 colors - Matte Black, Burgundy, Teal, and a Cherry
Wood Finish


ilicone wire 6 foot clip cord for tattoo machines. The silicone wire reduces wire tangle and is extremely lightweight. 


6 Foot Cord

1/4" Mono Plug

Spring Clip Terminals



TATSoul, renown for its advances in innovation and quality, is proud to introduce the TATSoul Heavy Duty Clip Cord. These clip cords are made using heavy-duty gauge wires that prevents curling and wire tangles. The TATSoul Heavy Duty Clip Cord includes a 1 year warranty, so you can be assured that they are built to last. 


8 foot cord

¼" mono plug

Heavy duty gauge wires



After 6 months of research and development, Bishop Tattoo Supply is proud to announce the Bishop Premium Lightweight RCA Cord. Its lightweight, micro-barrel design allows for easier movement and practically no strain on your machine. This has all been done without sacrificing the integrity and strength of the RCA cord. 

Many people think heavy-duty clip cords are the way to go, but heavy clip cords actually put unnecessary strain on your machine and break faster. Bishop created the Premium Lightweight RCA Cord because it felt the industry was missing a lightweight and super durable alternative. 


Gold Plated Split-tip Center Pin and Segmented Shield for maximum contact and connection reliability

Micro-Barrel Design is lightweight, and compact sizing creates less pull/weight on machine

Integrated Strain Relief for long-term durability

Frosted Outer Silicone Jacket for enhanced cable flexibility and less strain on machine

Gold Plated Phono Jack for enhanced connection

Reinforced Strain Relief plus extra shrink-flex support